The Development of a Cloud-Based Intelligent Learning System  

As part of her research fellowship work for British Telecom, Dr. Minjuan Wang collaborated with Dr. Jun Xiao and his team, to develop this highly innovative learning system. Mobile Class is a cloud-based intelligent learning system and it promotes anytime anywhere learning. It is now used by millions of learners in Shanghai, as part of the Shanghai Lifelong Learning Network, a platform for open and free continuing education.

As a mobile learning platform, “Mobile Class” has many advantages over traditional online learning. For example, users can study anytime anywhere, and can make the best use of fragmented time. In addition, through the mobile devices users can share their experiences and subscribe to learning content. Most importantly, using multi-screen-in-one technology, Mobile Class keeps a live record of the learning process and can help learners resume their studies at the push of a button.

This cloud-based intelligent learning (C-iLearning) system adopts the cloud management model and synchronizes users’ learning process in the clouds, so as to support users’ continuous learning with different devices (desktop computer, laptop, iPad, smart phones, tablets, etc.). Formal testing with target users revealed the effectiveness of this system in supporting continuous learning through an intuitive user interface. British Telecom Research and Innovation Center also showcased their work in their annual Symposium of Intelligent Campus (iCampus), an event that attracts top researchers and developers from around the world.

Internal design testing and continuous formal testing with adequate numbers of users revealed the effectiveness of this system in supporting anytime anywhere learning (Xiao, Wang, & Wang, 2013; Xiao & Zhu, 2004). This system is now used by 100,000 of learners in Shanghai, as part of the open education system.

For More, Please Click Papers and Reports, to view the Articles they published, which capture the development and research of this Mobile Class system. Please click "Fantastic Fountain" on the right, to download or view a recorded Demo of the system.


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